Evolution of a Veg Box (and a Farm)

Evolution of a Veg Box (and a Farm)

When we started the Green Connect Farm in Warrawong almost ten years ago, we knew that we wanted to operate in a way that was better for people and planet. We wanted to grow according to permaculture and organic principles to regenerate our land, sell direct to customers in the Illawarra instead of distributing via wholesalers, and strengthen our local food system.

Until now, we’ve sold most of our produce in mixed seasonal veg boxes, a sustainable veg box model based on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), where members pay a subscription fee to share in a farm’s weekly harvest. It’s a popular approach with small, community farms all over the world, with numerous benefits, including fewer food miles, fairer prices for farmers, and fresher, healthier produce for locals.

Over the years, many of you have told us how much you love this mixed box model; each one is a little gift of inspiration and variety that encourages people to try new produce and prepare new dishes. But we also know that others in our community need more flexibility; if you like to plan your meals, have food intolerances, cook for picky eaters, or grow some of your own veggies at home, choosing your produce is essential.

So, we’re very excited to announce that the next evolution of Green Connect veg boxes are now available: Pick Your Produce Boxes!

Pick Your Produce gives you full control over what we pack in your box. You can build your own box by selecting from the range of produce ready to be harvested on our farm and from the additional produce we source from other organic growers, such as fruit.

Pick Your Produce is a huge step for us. Although our original mixed seasonal boxes will continue to be our core product and foundation for how we sell our produce, we’re thrilled that these new Pick Your Produce Boxes will make the fresh and delicious food we grow more accessible to everyone in our community who wants to eat sustainable, ethical, and local food.

As a small-scale farm that grows food in a way that is better for our customers, our staff, and the earth, we rely on the support of our community and conscientious people like you to operate, allowing us to create a stronger local food system together.

We can’t thank you enough for purchasing food from the Green Connect Farm and enabling us to achieve our mission to create employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment, reduce waste, and grow fair food. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

Would you like to try a Pick Your Produce (PYP) Box? There are 3 PYP box sizes. Prices are equivalent to existing boxes, plus a small packing fee.

  • PYP Essentials (7 items), best choice for Small Veg or Mini Mix
  • PYP Classic (11 items), best choice for Regular Veg or Small Mix
  • PYP Family (15 items), best choice for Large Veg or Regular Mix

To give one a go, use the QR code to place an order through our shop page, then hold your current subscription; PYP boxes cannot be added or swapped into your existing veg box subscription. Contact us if you need assistance!
Lindsay Burlton Fair Food Coordinator

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