• Kari

    My family and I love buying from a local community-based not-for-profit company. No packaging. No plastic. We love the variety and the surprises that come each fortnight. We love eating what is in season and connecting to nature’s rhythm. And we love that this feeds us 2-3 people for a fortnight, with no waste! We love what you all do Green Connect !

  • Sarah

    Loved visiting Green Connect with my 2 year old daughter and baby for the farm tour. We have been getting our Veggie Box from the farm for a while, so it was great seeing where everything is grown and hearing more about the chemical-free, respectful and permaculture-inspired processes used there.

  • Megan

    The fruit box delivery is really convenient. It always has most of the usual favourites like apples and bananas, but also got us to try some new different options that we wouldn't usually have selected ourselves. A great option for supporting a local and organic business!


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Fresh, ethical produce, grown with organic methods, on the Green Connect farm – an award-winning social enterprise in the Illawarra. Love every bite while doing your bit for people and planet.