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Free-Range Ham - Pre-Order (DEPOSIT)

Free-Range Ham - Pre-Order (DEPOSIT)

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SOLD OUT for 2023. Check back again in November 2024!

Our free-range Christmas hams are as local, sustainable, and ethical as they come and are sure to delight your family and friends this festive season!

Green Connect Hams are traditionally cured, naturally wood-smoked and handcrafted by the expert team at Cleaver and Co Craft Butchery in Gwynneville. We only sell hams from free-range pigs raised right here on our permaculture farm in Warrawong. 

We expect hams to sell-out in advance, so pre-order yours now to avoid disappointment!

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A DEPOSIT PAYMENT. The remaining balance will be charged upon collection or delivery once weight is confirmed. Deposits are non-refundable.

Price per kilo: $31.99*
Half Ham: weight 3.5-4.5 kg, price $112-144*
Whole Ham: weight ~8 kg, total price ~$256*

Free home delivery is available between 4-7pm on the following dates only. Someone MUST be home to receive your delivery and settle the balance.

  • Wednesday 6th December (between Wollongong and Austinmer)
  • Thursday 7th December (between Wollongong and Kiama)

Pick-up your ham from the Green Connect Farm in Warrawong between Wednesday December 6th to Friday December 15th, between 8am-3:30pm

PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot be ordered with any other products due to the different delivery and pick-up options. Please place 2 different orders for multiple products. 

*10% OFF FOR ACTIVE VEG BOX CUSTOMERS! Use the discount code '10%Ham_GCVegBox'. This code will activate a delivery fee, which we will manually refund when your order comes through.

Contact the Fair Food team at if you have any questions.

What's included in our 5kg & 10kg meat packs?

Whole hams will weigh approximately 8kg.
Half hams will mostly weigh between 3.5-4.5kg. Slightly smaller or larger hams are possible depending on the size of our pigs.

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About our Free-range meat

Green Connect is proud to offer sustainable and ethical pork and lamb

Our animals play an important role on the farm by helping us to manage weeds and pests, regenerate the soil with their manure, and reduce food waste. They roam through fresh pastures, feast on leftover produce, live in sunshine, roll in grass and mud, and act like animals.

They also help us to better utilise our marginal land, diversity our income, create more jobs for former refugees and young people, and teach visitors to our farm about how we can farm animals in more ethical and integrated ways.

Click here to find our more about why we farm animals on the Green Connect farm.

We pride ourselves on the quality of meat we produce.

Multiple times year, we sell free-range pork and lamb packs to the community. These packs include a variety of cuts so that no parts of our animals go to waste.

Partnering with the talented Cleaver & Co Craft butcher, we ask Lachy (the butcher) to make 5kg & 10kg packs of different cuts so that every customers receives a variety of delicious meat to enjoy. All meat products are gluten and preservative-free.


What cuts of meat will I get?

Our free-range meat packs will include the following variety of cuts:

  • 10kg Pork and Lamb Pack:
    LAMB (~45%): shoulder (~1.5kg), leg (~1.5kg), chops, ribs, and/or cutlets (~1.5kg)
    PORK (~55%): shoulder, neck, or chump roast (~1.5kg), chops or cutlets (~1kg), spareribs or belly (~1kg), sausages (~750g), mince (~500g), and shank (~750g)
  • 5kg Pork and Lamb Pack:
    LAMB (~45%): shoulder (~1.5kg) and chops, ribs, and/or cutlets (~1.25kg) OR leg (~1.5kg), chops, ribs, and/or cutlets (~1.25kg)
    PORK (~55%): shoulder, neck, or chump roast (~1.75kg) and chops or cutlets (~1kg) OR spareribs or belly (~1kg), sausages (~750g), and mince (~750g)
  • 10kg Pork Pack: Pork roast (shoulder and/or neck), spareribs, pork belly, pork chops, pork shank, pork sausage, and minced pork.
  • 5kg Pork Pack: Pork roast (shoulder or neck), pork chops, minced pork, pork sausage.

Please note: exact cuts and weights may vary

Can I choose specific cuts?

Unfortunately not. Our animals have only so many sections that can be made into specific cuts. We want to make sure that the whole animal is appreciated and nothing is wasted so we only sell mixed packs. It also means the different cuts can be shared between all of our customers.

Is it free-range?

Yes! All the meat we sell comes from the pigs and sheep raised on our permaculture farm in Warrawong. We move them around different areas of the farm so they can feast on overgrown vegetable beds, and eat leftover fruit, vegetables and plants. This also helps us to regenerate and fertilise the soil, so it's a win-win!

Is it gluten- and preservative-free?

Yes! All pork and lamb cuts are gluten and preservative free.

How is the meat priced?

In setting the price for our free range pork and lamb, we considered both the market value for similar products as well as what it actually costs us to ethically and sustainably raise or pigs and lambs. As a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to growing fair food and creating jobs for former refugees and young people, we are committed to paying our staff award wages for the hours they work.

Do I need to pre-pay?

Yes. Prepayment is needed for us to reserve your order for you.

What do I need to bring when I pick up my meat pack?

Remember to bring a cool bag to keep your meat nice and cold until you can get it into your fridge or freezer.

How big is a 10kg pack?

A 10kg pack fits in 25 cubic centimetres – about a third of a freezer compartment of an average household fridge-freezer.

Pick up Time & Location

Free-Range Pork Packs (5kg & 10kg) will be available for pick-up:

  • Between Monday 27 November to Wednesday 29 November, from 7am to 6pm, from Cleaver & Co Craft butcher, Unit 2, 5 Murphy Avenue, Gwynneville.
  • Packs not picked up within this time will be frozen and transferred to the Green Connect Farm in Warrawong for future pick-up.

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