• Good for You

    Everything on our farm is grown organically, so you and your family can enjoy nutrient-rich and healthy veggies and fruit.

    We hand-pick produce just before delivery, so the bunch of spinach or head of lettuce you prepare on a Tuesday night was still in the ground that morning. Now that’s fresh!

  • Good for People

    When you buy our produce, your funds go towards creating supported employment pathways for former refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and young people with barriers to employment.

    Green Connect exists to train and support our staff in jobs that help the environment and the community.

  • Good for the Planet

    All our produce is grown according to organic principles, meaning there are no synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other nasties on our farm.

    We use crop rotation, rich compost, and animals to care for the soil and grow the healthiest produce possible. All our produce is delivered locally.

The Green Connect farm is an 11-acre urban farm in Warrawong NSW. We use organic principles to produce fruit, veggies, herbs, eggs, honey, flowers, and free-range meat.

On the farm we grow sustainable produce to provide the community with good food, while funding sustainable employment for our farm staff. By purchasing our produce, you help us to train and employ former refugees and young people in jobs that are good for the community and planet.

We grow over 50 different types of vegetables, herbs, and fruits on our farm.
These include fruit trees and perennial crops (including ginger, turmeric, sunchokes, and more) in our food forests and annual food crops including flowering veg (tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage), leafy greens (lettuce, silver beet, kale, salad mix leaves), roots, starches, and alliums (leek, beetroot, radish, carrot), and herbs (basil, coriander, dill) and more.

Last year we grew and distributed 55,000 kg of fair food for our community

Order your local, seasonal fruit and veg box today!

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  • Nicola

    It's great to have access to free-range meat and locally grown vegies from the Green Connect farm. Their pork is absolutely delicious, and we've enjoyed cooking and eating seasonal veg from the weekly veg box. Great service too. Thanks, guys!

  • Paige

    We really enjoyed the convenience of the delivery and the fact that our veggies were both fresh and local. Also we ordered eggs as an add on which was convenient and it felt good supporting local chooks instead of mass production eggs.

  • Karen

    Wonderfully fresh seasonal produce. The bonus recipes related to what's in your box are also fab. Highly recommend you switch to green connect for you fresh produce, particularly if you are time poor and over the cues and experiences in the large supermarket outlets.

Farm Tours

It is important to know where your food comes from.

We hold regular tours of our farm to allow visitors a friendly and informative behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into producing our food – from seed to vegetable. Visitors will be able to touch, smell and taste their way through our 11-acre farmlands, and have the opportunity to meet our pigs, chickens, goats and maybe even an alpaca.

Find out more

Kiama Farmers Market

We also sell our produce at the Kiama Farmers Market, every Wednesday Afternoon 3-5pm, Coronation Park, Surf Beach.

If you see our stall come up and say hi, we would love to let you know more about our farm and the amazing staff that work there.

Market website