Goats as Farm Workers

Goats as Farm Workers

We have a small herd of miniature goats at the Green Connect farm who work very hard for us. What’s wonderful is that, from the goat’s point of view, they aren’t ‘working’ at all, but simply living an idyllic goat life!

After harvesting from a garden bed is complete, we let it rest and then bring in the goats and sheep who happily munch on the remaining plants, stalks, weeds, and anything else they can find.

By nature, goats are not fussy eaters. In fact, weedy and overgrown areas of the farm are their idea of paradise. They are very efficient at transforming all the vegetation into neat little pellets of manure. They then do us the favour of depositing this manure right where we need it – all over the garden bed.

It might take a week or just a few days for small beds, but the transformation is amazing. When their work is complete, we move them on to the next gourmet meal (a.k.a. garden bed) and the cycle continues.

Of course, we also love the pleasure of their company. Goats are gentle, curious, and intelligent animals. I love seeing them each morning, saying hello, and admiring their work. They have been efficient breeders this season too, with 6 kid goats currently at the farm. Their favourite activity at present is trying to find holes in the fence and nibbling bok choy… It’s a small price to pay for animals that bring us so many benefits!

Emily Henderson
Green Connect Farm Manager)


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