Landcare at the Farm

Landcare at the Farm

The unassuming cluster of trees at the northern end of the children’s garden is a special place on our farm. The area is a remnant patch of endemic Illawarra Subtropical Rainforest, known as the Berkeley Brush. Like a priceless antique, it needs protection and restoration to survive. 

Fortunately, a team of volunteers have been working on the site for several years and have had lots of success in that time. The work mainly involves removing invasive weeds and making space for native plants to establish. It takes time, but the results are obvious as you stand amongst the diverse native plants and listen to bustling birds and insects around you.

There are several advantages of integrating nature in the heart of our farm. The vegetation along the creek line improves water quality and helps to prevent erosion. Providing habitat for native birds, bees, and insects also helps to keep farm pests under control naturally. And for those who visit the farm, the rainforest patch provides a glorious sensory experience, with shaded places to sit and observe nature through the seasons. Growing food that doesn’t cost the earth can’t be done in isolation from nature.

We’d love to welcome more volunteers our Landcare crew this year! If you’re available from 9am-12pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month and can come along regularly, email Ange and Emma will provide training, supplies, and good company.

Big thanks to Angela Cook, Emma Rooksby, the team from Landcare, and everyone who purchases our food and supports Green Connect for supporting the farm and making this work possible.

Lindsay Burlton
Fair Food Coordinator

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