New Arrivals

New Arrivals

Normally the season of Spring is associated with the arrival of new animals, but for us, the last couple of weeks have been packed with them.  We have just welcomed twin miniature goats named Lily and Lola. Their antics certainly providing both staff and visitors with smiles and entertainment; they have been a huge hit with the kids these school holidays! Another of our goats, Mewet, who has already been wandering around for weeks looking full term is now absolutely enormous, so we are seriously contemplating there may be another set of twins (maybe even triplets?) on the way!

Our animals play an important role on the farm by helping us to manage weeds and pests, regenerate the soil with their manure, and reduce food waste. They roam through fresh pastures, feast on leftover produce, live in sunshine, roll in mud, and act like animals.  Thanks to ‘Neesh Photography’ for coming out last month to capture some beautiful images of them all, including this great one of a sheep family!

Our six large pigs are keeping busy too; they have learnt to push over their water containers to create mud pits to roll in!  We also welcomed seven new piglets a couple of weeks ago; they have already settled in well and are enjoying time around our fruit trees on the western bank. For those who enjoy free-range pork, we now have pork packs for pre-purchase (in our online shop), ready for collection later this month.

Emily & the Green Connect Farm Team

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