Spring 2023 Farm Update

Spring 2023 Farm Update

Spring is always an exciting time at the farm as we transition our garden beds from cold-loving winter crops to heat-loving summer favourites. 

Despite the aphid attacks on our winter brassicas, we’ve been harvesting heaps of cauliflower, broccolini, and cabbage recently. The predatory native lacewings we brought in to reduce aphid numbers, in combination with other organic pest treatments, allowed us to win the pest battles in some garden beds but not others. Next year, we’ll be super vigilant and start these treatments sooner if needed.

Rod and the team are now doing major planting sessions in the cleared-out beds to get eggplant, tomato, chili, capsicum, cucumber, and zucchini seedlings into the ground. We’re hopeful they will thrive over summer!

We’re also excited that Su Meh’s Flower Garden is now complete. The garden is predominantly native plants, so they are both beautiful and suited to the local climate. The project was quite challenging, with the initial clean-up of the site requiring help from our pigs and an excavator, followed by design and planting. Special thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, including everyone who donated to the cause, our hard-working volunteers and staff, the student team from UOW, local native plant expert Narelle Happ, and Bohmer’s, Treemates, and Dingo’s for their many mulch donations. Over the coming months, Su Meh will begin incorporating the growing flowers and shrubbery into her beautiful bouquets to add to your veg box.

We're excited to see veg box customers at the farm on Saturday 14 October from 2-4pm for our next customer event! We'll run mini farm tours, feed the animals, play in the childrens' garden and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with homemade cakes and biscuits. Veg box customers can RSVP at https://events.humanitix.com/veg-box-customer-event

Thanks for your support!

Emily Henderson
Green Connect Farm Manager

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