Use-it-all Meals

Use-it-all Meals

A couple of years ago, long-time Veg Box customer and former General Manager of Green Connect Kylie Flament shared her top go-to meals that help her use and enjoy everything in her veg box.

With two young kids and a busy schedule, she no longer has time to pore over recipes and plan her meals carefully. So she’s mastered the skill of throwing together dinners around what she has. No matter what’s in your veg box or fridge, some of these meals will work. We hope these are helpful!

Fried rice: Fry chopped or grated veg, add cooked rice, stir through 1-2 eggs, add a bit of soy sauce, or serve with grated cheese.

Roasted veg pick n mix: Roast any ‘roastable’ veg, serve with fried or roasted haloumi, salad, and a balsamic dressing if you like. My kids love being choosing their combo of veg from the tray.

Dhal: Fry onions and garlic, add ground cumin and/or ground coriander, any chopped veg and about half as much again of red lentils. Cover with water, leave to simmer, stir vigorously so it’s a bit creamy, add salt at the end. Serve with yoghurt, coriander leaves and/or mango chutney.

Pasta: Add veg to pasta, plus sour cream if you like it creamy, or a tomato sauce (onion, garlic, canned diced tomatoes, anchovies if you like, herbs, salt, simmered until tasty), and served with grated cheese. My kids have declared this a “ten out of ten dinner” no matter what veg I put in.

Stir fry: Fry up any veg plus garlic, ginger, soy sauce and honey (and peanut butter if you want a satay), served with peanuts or sesame seeds and rice.

Pizza: Buy pita bread or tortillas for quick and easy bases, or make your own, throw some tomato paste, roasted vegetables, chopped greens and herbs then cheese on top, bake until cheese has browned and base is crispy.

Curry: Cook up any veg with curry paste and coconut milk. Serve with rice.

Frittata: Cook chopped veg with a few eggs whisked with milk, topped with grated cheese. Put frypan under the grill once the egg is half-cooked.

Shreddies or Fritters: Any grated veg, cheese, a couple eggs, and flour, mix and fry in patties.

Shepherd’s pie: Fry lots of veg (and minced meat – optional), add tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce until it tastes amazing, top with mashed potato and cheese, grill it if you want the cheese browned but I often skip that step now and just put the veg and the mash straight on the plate.

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