Veg Box Packing Team

Veg Box Packing Team

We’d like to introduce you to the amazing team of people who pack your veg boxes!

Su Meh (far left) is chief flower forager and arranger, arriving at 6am on Tuesdays to pick and arrange flower bouquets. She then packs the newly launched Pick Your Produce boxes, ensuring customers receive exactly what they’ve ordered.

Eh Moo (mid left) & Shay Reh (mid right) also arrive early on Tuesday.  Although they complete much of the harvest on Mondays, fragile leafy greens are left until Tuesday morning to ensure maximum freshness. They then pack the majority of veg boxes, working hard so we can remain on schedule for the arrival of our delivery drivers. On Fridays, Eh Moo walks the farm and estimates harvest numbers for the following week, playing a key role in planning our veg box contents.

Pleh Meh (far right) takes care of exclusions and add-ons. She also cleans up the packing area, tends to the animals, and stays at the farm until 5.30pm so customers can pick-up their boxes.

Lu Reh and Pray Reh have been helping out recently too when regular staff are on leave or we need an extra set of hands. They harvest, pack, load the van or anything else that’s required. Lindsay and I also jump in to assist and to ensure everyone gets a well-deserved break.

Thanks to this great team for the care and hard work they put into packing veg boxes each week.


Emily Henderson
Fair Food and Farm Manager

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