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    Sunday at 3pm

    Tuesdays from 10am-6pm

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    Choose a box size to suit your lifestyle and household needs for fruit and veg.
    Essentials box - 7 items
    Classic box - 11
    Family - 15 items
    Family Plus - 20 items


    Select your produce items from our range of fresh, organically grown, seasonal fruit, vegetables, and herbs.
    We update our list of available produce on Thursday each week.


    Review your order and select your subscription frequency and delivery method (local pick up or home delivery).
    Remember you can pause or cancel whenever you like.


Weekly Cut-offs and Timeline for New Orders

Thursday morning: Weekly produce list updated. On Wednesday, we scout the farm to determine what will be ready for harvest and touch base with other organic growers to see what they will have available for next week's boxes.

Early Thursday morning, we publish our range of available produce in your customer account, ready for you to make your selections for your next box.

SUNDAY at 3pm: Deadline for new Pick Your Produce orders. After this time, we process all PYP orders, and finalise our harvest and packing lists for the week. New orders placed after this time will be packed the following week. *Note: Ongoing PYP customers will need to update their selections each week between Thursday afternoon and Sunday at 3pm.

Monday & Tuesday morning: We harvest vegetables from our farm and source certified-organic produce not grown on our farm (like fruit and potatoes) based on customer orders.

Tuesday from 10am-6pm: We deliver veg boxes to homes and local pick-up hubs in the Illawarra.

From Tuesday: You enjoy your fresh, local, organically-grown produce!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Pick Your Produce Box FAQs, visit: https://shop.green-connect.com.au/pages/faq-vegboxcustomers#pyp.

For general Veg Box FAQs, visit: https://shop.green-connect.com.au/pages/faq

Subscription Flexibility

Once you set up your initial order we take care of the rest!
You'll be given access to a unique customer account where you can make changes to your subscription products or frequency, skip orders, change exclusions, and more.

Subscribe to a weekly or fortnightly veg box service knowing you can skip, reschedule, or cancel at any time.

The order/change deadline for Pick Your Produce is Sunday at 3pm. Customers will need to update their fruit and veg selections, order changes, and holds before this time.

Delivery Options

Green Connect veg boxes are packed and sent out on TUESDAY each week.

We can deliver to your doorstep between Wombarra and Kiama for $8, or you can pick up from one of our local pick-up hubs for no charge. 

Select your preferred delivery method during check out and change your delivery method by contacting our friendly team.

Add-on Products

Add free-range eggs, farm grown flowers, and honey (when in stock) to your weekly or fortnightly order! Add these products to your initial order here, or contact our team for assistance.

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