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Honeycomb (Veg Box Add-on)

Honeycomb (Veg Box Add-on)

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100% pure honeycomb, cut straight from the Green Connect Farm hives. No added ingredients or preservatives.

The bees are superstars on our farm! While feeding on nectar from flowers, they play a critically important role by helping us to pollinate our crops. There's nothing quite like fresh honeycomb.

Net 200g per pack.

This product is available as a veg box add-on only. Availability varies seasonally.

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Timeline for New Orders

MONDAY at 10am: Deadline for new veg box orders. After this time, we collate all orders for the week and prepare for harvesting and packing.

Monday & Tuesday mornings: We harvest vegetables from our farm and source certified-organic produce not grown on our farm (like fruit and potatoes) based on customer orders.

Tuesdays 9am-6pm: We deliver veg boxes to homes and local pick-up hubs in the Illawarra.

From Tuesday: You enjoy your fresh, local, organically-grown produce!

Subscription Flexibility

Once you set up your initial order we take care of the rest!
You'll be given access to a unique customer account where you can make changes to your subscription products or frequency, skip orders, change exclusions, and more.

Subscribe to a weekly or fortnightly
veg box service knowing you can skip, reschedule, edit, or cancel deliveries anytime at any time.

Delivery Options

Green Connect veg boxes are packed and sent out on TUESDAY each week.

We can deliver to your doorstep for $8, or you can pick up from one of our local pick-up hubs for no charge. 

Select your preferred delivery method during check out and change your delivery method in your unique customer account.

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